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Jana Project Organization Construction has adopted the principle of building its construction team with highly educated and experienced engineers and architects. The functioning of departments and the job descriptions of employees are described in the ‘Organization Handbook’ in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System. The construction team operates extremely effectively according to these descriptions and continues the division of work rapidly according to the workflow diagram specified in the Organization Handbook.
In all works carried out, everyone in the organization has reached a corporate consciousness and culture in terms of ensuring that the work is done in a quality, timely, and cost-effective manner, and most importantly, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront. In the organization led by the General Manager, there are 5 main processes under the supervision of 4 different Deputy General Managers. These processes are as follows: Strategic Management • Process Bidding and • Proposal Process • Construction Process • Design Process • Procurement Process • Planning Process.
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Residential Property Sales

Successfully selling the project at the desired price and timeframe through local and global strategies is crucial.

Legal Consultancy

We offer legal consultancy and representation services to holdings and commercial companies with our expert team.

Commercial Real Estate

We provide market research, cost analysis, and project development consultancy to commercial contractors.

Marketing & Advertising Service

The key to real estate sales success lies in developing targeted communication and marketing strategies.

Planning & Project Management

We plan the path and behavior to be followed in order for your business to achieve a purpose.

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